We have really enjoyed renting to you. This page outlines how to prepare for your move out and what to expect!


Once you have finalized a lease end date and have a new mailing address:


STEP 1: Pre-fill Security Deposit Return Info

Every tenant who paid a portion of the security deposit should please take 3 minutes to give us your updated mailing address here.

*DC Law allows 45 days to return security deposits to tenants so that landlords can ensure all accounts are closed and no fines are levied against the property. We do try to return deposits to you as quickly as we can. If there are any outstanding balances owed, we will send you an itemized statement with these charges within 45 days, if not sooner. If there are not any outstanding balances owed, you can expect an email confirming that your deposit is in the mail to you.

STEP 2: Cancel Auto Pay for Rent Payments

If you are enrolled in auto rent payments through Appfolio, please make sure to log into your portal and delete the recurring payment. Our system will not charge additional rent past your move out date, but if you are set to auto pay a specific dollar amount before the 1st each month, the system may perform a draw and there is nothing we can do to reverse it on our end, as tenant payment information is confidential. If you are enrolled in auto payment through your bank, be sure to cancel with them directly.

STEP 3: Cancel and/or Transfer Utilities

If utilities were in your name, please arrange to have them taken out of your name AFTER your final walkthrough inspection. If you were billed for utilities via your Appfolio portal, please expect to pay for service through the end of your lease. Any outstanding balances not paid within 30 days after the end of your lease will be deducted from your security deposit. If you have auto-debit set up for any utilities, please call to have it deactivated.

Pepco: 202.833.7500
Washington Gas: 703.750.1000
DC Water: 202.787.2000
Cable: Contact your Provider

STEP 4: Change Mailing Address

Make sure to change your address before you move to ensure no bills or important documents are missed. You can change your address with USPS online. Any mail received after your tenancy has ended will be marked 'Return to Sender'.

STEP 5: Update Renters Insurance

Depending on if you are renting or buying, contact your insurance company to update or cancel your policy on the appropriate date.

STEP 6: Coordinate Move-Out with Building Manager

---Only if you live in a condo building---
Just like with your move-ins, larger buildings often require tenants to reserve a time slot for moves. Some buildings may have time/day stipulations (such as no weekend moves). All buildings vary and you can look to condo rules (in your lease) for how to best schedule slot, reserve elevator/loading dock, pay and fees or deposits, etc. Confirming with building manager that all steps are completed on their end will ensure the smoothest move out experience.

STEP 7: Reserve Parking

If your home doesn’t have dedicated parking for moves, you can reserve street parking through the city for a small fee. To apply for No Parking Signs, visit the TOPS (Transportation Online Permitting System) website to apply for an “Emergency - No Parking” Permit. It is a multistep process that involves printing the signs at your local Police Department and hanging them in your preferred location 72 hours in advance, so plan to do this ahead of time.


Two weeks before move out walkthrough:


STEP 8: Schedule Nest Walkthrough

Click here to schedule your move out walkthrough. Please designate one person in your house to complete this form. Attending the in-person walkthrough (15-30 minutes) is strongly encouraged, though if you have extenuating circumstances, please still complete the form and note that you are unable to attend so we can plan an alternative way to collect keys!

STEP 9: [OPTIONAL] Schedule Bulk Trash Pickup and/or Donation Pickup

If you are anticipating not taking everything with you, please plan accordingly and schedule bulk trash pick up. The city offers free bulk trash pick up (with some restrictions) but requires that it be scheduled 10 - 14 days in advance. You can also contact an independent company to schedule and pay for bulk trash removal or contact a donation center to collect any furniture in usable condition (see recomendations below). All belongings must be removed from alleys, sidewalk, and unit at the time of moveout walkthrough to avoid any removal fees.

STEP 10: [OPTIONAL] Schedule Professional Cleaner and/or Landscaper

We require tenants leave the unit free of all belongings and in "broom clean" condition as it was in your initial walkthrough. If items are left behind or the unit is not clean, Nest will arrange at your expense to remedy the issue immediately upon move out. If landscaping is your responsibility, please ensure the landscaping is up to the city standards (mowed lawns, no debris etc.) at moveout. Any DCRA fines or landscaping needs due to lack of upkeep during the last months of tenancy will be charged to tenants.


Three days before move out walkthrough:


Confirm Details with Moving Company and/or Truck Rental Company

Confirm Move Out Time Slot and Details with Building POC

Confirm Any Cleanings, Bulk Trash, and/or Landscaping Appointments

Print and Hang any Parking Signs

Collect All Keys from Any Housemates Unable to Attend Walkthrough


Day of Walkthrough:


Move Out Walkthrough

We suggest arriving 30 minutes before walkthrough time to remove any nails you hung and do a final sweep of the unit to confirm all belongings have been removed and the unit is in broom clean condition. Don't forget to look in dishwashers, under sink cabinets, inside drawers, and in separate storage units or garage! This will be the final time you have access to the space and get some closure!

Expect the moveout walkthrough itself to take 15-30 minutes. The purpose is to ensure everyone is aware of the property’s condition upon move out. After taking a video of the space, we will collect all copies of keys and document any elements of the unit that need attention. We will note normal wear and tear along with any repairs that might warrant a deduction from the security deposit. Normal wear and tear (minimal nail holes, scuffs on walls, floor wear) is something that is allowable under DC’s regulations and won’t affect your security deposit. For damages beyond normal wear and tear, we will document and determine if the expense of repair will be deducted from your security deposit.





When will I get my Security Deposit back?

Click here! We're always eager to return your security deposit to you as soon as possible. The soonest you should expect it back is 30 days from your move out date, and at the latest 45 days. You will receive an email confirmation when it is mailed out, and in the meantime any inquiries can be sent to [email protected].

What can I do to help ensure I get my security deposit back?

Return all keys (fobs, garage remotes, mail, storage, etc.) and clean the unit and yard thoroughly!

I’m moving out in a few weeks and a non-urgent maintenance issue popped up. What should I do?

Please note that we will be turning over the unit for new tenants, so you need not submit maintenance requests during your last couple weeks for minor items. Of course, if anything needs attention immediately or is an emergency, let us know!

Helpful Resources

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Self Haul Details: Fort Totten Transfer Station
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