Lisa Wise

Chief Nester
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Email Address: [email protected]

My work has always been cause-driven, entrepreneurial, and community focused. I've also thrived in a hands-on setting and enjoy highly personalized work with interesting people, places, and spaces.Since 2009, Nest DC is the ideal professional setting for me and the perfect "second act" professionally.  My career launched in the non-profit sector.  I served as the Executive Director of a national environmental non-profit, oversaw operations for a DC-based healthcare coalition and proudly served Planned Parenthood Federation of America for many years as a national field manager. After a service-based career, why a service-based business? I believe forward-thinking, triple bottom line businesses can create true change in communities.  With Nest and Roost, we work to positively impact lives every single day.  My passion for mission-based work is an ideal complement to the homemaking that is an implicit part of our objective as a company.  With my broad range of experience, I can manage complex problems and projects, highly functional teams, and operate a large, socially responsible business with an eye toward a bottom line results. Though highly committed to our success as a company, it's just as important to continue service to others. I've served 4 years as Board President of La Clinica del Pueblo and currently serve as Commissioner Mayor on the DC Condo Association Advisory Council for the District of Columbia.