Rashad Darby

Turnover Project Manager
  • Maintenance

As a DC native I have seen the city go through massive changes throughout the years. Growing up in the Shaw area I was constantly surrounded by crime and poverty. As time went on the neighborhood began to change and I made it my effort to give back to my community. 

I went to school at UMD with the intent to become an architect but was quickly shot down after realizing that I couldn't draw. So I began business classes and graduated with a degree in finance. Graduating around the time of the financial crisis limited the amount of job offers I received so I took a job as a part time employee at a paint store. After rising the ranks, I left the paint store. I wanted a bigger challenge so I applied to be a property manager and landed the job. I stayed with that company for a year and saw an amazing opportunity to work for Flock. 

So, basically I started from the bottom and now I am here! I appreciate this opportunity to serve my community, tenants and clients all in the like and I hope for many great years to come.