Ben Pitler

Leasing Specialist
  • Leasing
Email Address: [email protected]

I’m from a small town in Eastern Connecticut (Marlborough, if you’re familiar) where a new stop light makes the front page news, so property management was never a career path that crossed my mind! But, moving to a city felt right and I settled on American University in 2013. After dabbling in politics like any good AU Eagle, I eventually discovered an awesome program called Sustainability Management, a.k.a. eco-friendly business. While I clearly wanted to work with Mother Nature to find optimal solutions, she wasn’t ready to work with me quite yet: my basement bedroom flooded and I, jobless and still in school, worked with my property manager to negotiate a rent discount. He appreciated my patience and negotiation skills, and offered me an entry-level job with his small management company. It was the perfect way to learn the ins and outs of real-world business, and I began to see huge opportunities for eco-friendliness in this industry. I’m so excited to have joined the Leasing Team at Nest in 2019, with whom I work tirelessly to ensure a great housing experience for tenants and owners alike, and I eventually hope to lead us on a movement towards eco-friendly property management services!