We found a perfect balance between positive cash flow, and positive experiences for tenants and for owners. Our property management fees are highly competitive but our services are extensive. We have a hard time with the term property management because what we offer is so much more - we're really a lifestyle company building better neighborhoods, contributing to our community and taking great care of homes!


We don't just list a property, we showcase a home.


Professional real estate photographs along with elaborate and descriptive listings are just the beginning. We show spaces at the convenience of potential tenants with an engaged and informed team. We have an extensive application process and while we screen tenants per DC law, we still treat them like our only customer. Once we orient tenants to their new nest, we are at the ready to make sure your investment is protected and your tenants are well taken care of.

Monthly property management services are 8% of rents received per month for condominium units and 10% per month of rents received for rowhouses and single-family homes.

Our leasing and marketing services are extensive and sophisticated. We start with gorgeous images a dynamic listing that highlights the space and the neighborhood. We use traditional outlets like Craiglist, Trulia and Padmapper when posting, but our own well established social media presence is invaluable. We're followed by almost 4,000 Facebook fans and we pen a weekly "nestletter" that hits 4,200 inboxes. Our most valuable exposure? This very website which has over 10,000 active users per month. We're also highly engaged in our community actively volunteering, sponsoring and supporting organizations throughout the city. Our visibility is truly unique for any company and totally unheard of in the industry.

Other turnkey concierge services like property upgrades, interior design, and more are priced either by the hour or as part of a package. Please contact us to select a custom experience that works for you.

Just give us a call at 202-540-8038 or send an email to our team at [email protected].