Tenant Tools and Resources


If you are a current Nest tenant click here to access your Appfolio tenant portal where you can pay rent, set up auto-pay, and make maintenance requests.

Being a homeowner can be one disaster after another but being a tenant can be much more relaxing! Still, certain home maintenance issues are something we all have to be aware of. We're happy to answer questions and be "at the ready" when something needs our attention.

In the meantime, we've captured some of our favorite questions and put together a list of answers we think just about every modern dweller could learn from. If you have other questions you would like to see an answer to, just let us know, and we'll include them here.

When In Doubt

Call Nest DC! The best tip for home or apartment maintenance is knowing when to seek help. Sometimes, it's easy to get in over your head, and that's when it's best to leave it up to the professionals.  Call us at 202-540-8038 or login to your tenant portal to issue a maintenance request in appfolio.  If you aren't sure how to access your protal send us an email.  

General Nesting Tips
The Fridge 
Garbage Disposals 101 
Electrical Issues