Tenant Feedback


"It's been a little over one year since we hired Nest to manage our condo as a rental property after we moved away from Washington, D.C., and we have had an excellent experience with them so far. They have taken care of all issues that have arisen, and they've made it very easy and stress-free for us to be absentee owners.

What has impressed us most about Nest is their management of a major repair job that had to be performed on our HVAC unit. Nest took the lead on soliciting and obtaining multiple bids on the project to ensure we were getting the best price. They spent an entire day (without charging for their time) helping the contractor to navigate the process of obtaining expedited permits from DCRA for a crane that was necessary to hoist the HVAC onto the roof of our condo building. Next, they monitored the progress of the entire multi-day project - which had several unforeseen complications that added significant time and materials cost over and above the initial estimate - and Nest made sure the contractor stuck to his original bid notwithstanding those issues. What's more, during the time that the A/C was out, Nest loaned a portable A/C unit to our tenants to make sure they didn't suffer too much. In short, Nest did everything imaginable to watch out for our best interest, to the point where I felt that we couldn't have done any better job ourselves if we had still been living there.

Nest also did a great job of finding/screening new tenants for our condo with only 30 days' notice after our first tenant broke his lease early on account of being called away for active duty.

In addition, the Nest team is extremely responsive to our emails, usually responding within an hour, even on nights and weekends.

In short, we are extremely satisfied with Nest's services, and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a property manager in D.C."

Jeff T - Client



"Nest-DC did an excellent job helping us rent our condo in Washington DC. They were very responsive, friendly, knowledgeable, and sensible. With their help--for example, in formulating a marketing strategy and in vetting propsective tenants--the whole process went very smoothly and quickly, and we have a good feeling that our tenants will be reliable and take good care of our place."

Daniel H - Client

"Love, love, love Nest! We live in San Francisco and have a condo in DC that needed renting. We were trying to manage it ourselves, but it proved too much being so far away. We contacted Nest and they immediately helped us get our lovely condo rented! They've managed everything from advertising, the open house, doing background checks and getting the contracts signed! They are managing all the transition as well from getting the place painted and cleaned before the new tenants move in, which gives us peace of mind."

Elizabeth Sanzone. - Client - Dupont Circle

 "Being new to DC can be tough, given the high price of rent and real estate, and not knowing about landlords or neighborhoods can make things tricky. I was fortunate enough to find this management company, who works with private owners, and I couldn't be happier. Nest has been very responsive with emails and the few problems we've encountered. Their new online rent payment system is convenient too. It seems like the staff keeps in great communication with owners as well, as we recently had a routine inspection of the unit. I would recommend Nest to both tenants and owners."

Mike M. - Tenant - Adams Morgan

 "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Nest DC!!!! I was living in a situation in NE/H Street DC with poor property mangement then none due to a landlord that ran off on his tenants. Fortunately, a new landlord bought our buiding and had the smarts to hire Nest DC to manage it. I feel like I'm truly valued now and my needs as a tenant are met. The personalized care and professional management by the Nest team has made all the difference. I now enjoy where I live and would happily rent another unit from them again!!! GO NEST DC!!!"


Tina L. - Tenant - H Street Corridor


We moved overseas last summer and hired Nest to manage our property in Northwest DC. They have been fantastic so far - much more down to earth and easy to deal with than many of the stuffy established DC property managers. Let's face it, if all goes as it should with your property, then your property manager shouldn't have a big job and you shouldn't hear much from them at all. The test is when something goes wrong - as it did in our condo about three weeks ago when the plumbing went ballistic and started leaking gross sewage all over the floor.

The folks at Nest, Lisa in particular, were on top of the situation from the first notice that there was a problem through the end. Lisa was up in the middle of the night, contacting the building manager to take of the situation. When the building manager failed to react promptly enough, Nest contacted their own plumber, who determined the leak was a building issue (so the building is covering costs). Our tenants were very impressed with Nest, too. Each Nest staff member we've dealt with since we first contacted them has been friendly, professional, and responsive. We highly recommend them!

 Leah R. - Client - U Street Corridor

My husband and I recently purchased a small multi-unit building as an investment. I was nervous. Luckily, my husband found Nest DC to act as our property management company. They are a lot more than that! They have given us wonderful ideas about how to have happy tenants, which was very important to us. It does not matter the time of day or night, the team quickly responds to those issues that always arise in buildings and the tenants are thrilled. Nest has helped us focus our resources on what really needed fixing and attention.

Talk about bang for the buck--the building is now becoming the showplace that we thought it could be! In addition to his other talents, Jim is a landscape architect (check out his stint on Curb Appeal-I don't particularly love that show since the end product doesn't always blow my socks off, but Jim's redo was fabulous!) Lisa's knowledge base and skill set never fails to impress; be it obscure DC law, finance advice, or paint colors--she's the one to ask. Rhianna always provides timely and useful updates that we can easily review and understand. We trust them and their judgment and we have come to consider them as friends. Plus, you will never find a more engaging bunch--Jim's laugh is infectious. We are trying to find other ventures, just so that we can have an excuse to hang out with them. ;)

Christine H -  Client - H Street Corridor

We contracted Nest DC to manage a few projects, including painting the outside of our house, installing new kitchen floors, and building bookshelves in the foyer.

Nest has provided personal service, guiding us through design choices, and offering their support every step of the way. We love the soft yellow color they helped us choose for the exterior of the house and the new slate floors that have transformed our kitchen. Nest brings their exquisite style to your home, and treat every decision as if it was their own. If you want project management with the personal touch, hire Nest DC.

Heather Z. - Client - Brookland

Moving from out of State with three kids and a dog meant that we had no time to search for a rental in DC. We were recommended to Nest DC and were not disappointed. We had a lot of boxes to tick off, including space for dog, school districts, neighborhoods, parking and number of bedrooms. Laura and the whole Nest team kept up their searches of all types, including Craiglist and others. They were able to quickly filter the ones in the appropriate neighborhoods for our needs and get to the viewings the same day. We had a video of the properties within minutes of their visit! They got to know us and our needs so well that we completely trusted their opinions of neighborhoods and houses. It was a tough go, as rentals kept being outbid, but Laura never gave up and found us a great place that we are happy to call home. We would not hesitate to use their services again or recommend to anyone in need of help finding their next rental. We would not have been able to complete this move as smoothly without the Nest DC. Thanks!

Leigh F. - Relocation Client

My roommates and I used Nest DC to find our new place. They set us up with a great house that is comfortably in our price range. We communicated by email for the most part, and they were always on the ball...not only responding same day, but usually within the hour. Paperwork was organized by them and they walked us through any questions. When we went to sign the lease and walk through the house, their representative was really helpful writing down everything we noted.



If you're looking for help in your housing search, I would highly recommend Nest DC. 

John P. – Relocation Client

When you hear people (as tenants) talking about their experiences and interactions with their landlords, they usually involve stories fraught with unnecessary frustration and drama. Personally, I've had several unpleasant experiences with negligent and apathetic landlords, and I know numerous friends in the DC-area who have had similar misfortunes. Thankfully, I can say that my experience with Nest-DC as a tenant is nothing of the sort. In fact, my experience thus far has been great, and in my book they are well-deserving of a five-star rating.



The first thing that stands out about Nest DC as a landlord (a role they serve as property manager) is their high level of responsiveness. Whether it was immediately answering questions my fiancee and I had about their listing on Craigslist, or rapidly dispatching their handymen to fix a digital thermostat that malfunctioned, we have found Nest-DC to be in reach when we need them the most. As a prospective tenant, Laura, Jim, Rhianna, & team made a great first impression that was hard to discount when we made the move into DC. And as a current tenant, we continue to be impressed by their commitment to stay atop of everything and not let anything fall through the cracks. It never feels like we're pulling teeth to have a problem fixed or a question answered, nor do we ever feel like a burden on them.


It goes hand and hand with being responsive, but Nest-DC has also been very accommodating of our needs/wants as a tenant. Whether it's allowing us to move in a day early before our lease started, giving us the go ahead to repaint the walls as we saw fit, or working around our busy work schedules to send a handyman over, we never feel like a burden to our landlord. For once in my adult life, it doesn't feel like I'm a "renter" -- the rent we pay is justified given how well we're treated (in addition to having a great place to call home).

And lastly, I want to mention how immensely helpful and professional Nest DC is. Everything from their weekly e-newsletter with tips for tenants, to their FAQ/New Tenant packets, to their well-designed website and social media is informative. It's extra effort on their part, but as a tenant it is all much appreciated and useful. 

Nest-DC is not your typical landlord / property manager -- and in this case, that is definitely not a bad thing. I highly recommend them to any prospective tenant looking to live in DC. 

Raymond- Tenant - U Street Corridor


Thank you for all you have done and for being such great landlords!  I know this building was a mess when the owner hired you to turn things around but you improved it greatly! I especially want to thank Lisa for bringing a space heater over to me very late at night - with a cold, no less - so my apartment wouldn't be freezing when the heat cut out for a few hours.  You went above and beyond the call of duty and, should I ever have to make a recommendation for a property management compnay, it will be you! Thanks again!

Ellen Brandau -  Tenant - H Street Corridor

Moving creates a lot of chaos. Nest DC did a brilliant job of helping us with the most important decision of all during our move  renting a home.  Working with them meant there was one less stressful thing to keep track of. Not only did they dot all the i's and cross all the t's, they also gave us a lift to the nearest metro stop when we need one.  That's service.  Thanks Nest DC!

Bob and Lara - Tenant - 16th Street Heights

Thanks to everyone on the Nest team for all the help as I coordinated my move.  I started moving into my apartment and not only does it look amazing, but I saw that I had a little gift from you! I really appreciate everything you have done. Thanks, Nest! 

Jessica - Tenant - Adams Morgan

The quality of care the Nest team provides for their tenants, including me, is unparalleled. Any problems that may arise are taken care of quickly, efficiently and with a level of service that leaves you feeling more like a friend than just a client. I would definitely recommend Nest services to anyone in need. 

Lindsay M.  Tenant - Columbia Heights 

Having lived in many rentals over my 10 years in DC, Nest has a welcome breath of fresh air. They truly enjoy giving their tenants a beautiful home to live in. 

Heather Z. – Tenant  - Columbia Heights

We have been renting the same gorgeous property for over three years. It's not just a place to live, it's our home.  Lisa has been meticulous about caring for this historic property and encouraging us to nest here.  Who looks forward to visits from their landlord? We do! After all these years, we definitely consider Lisa a friend. We're so thrilled she started Nest - it's perfect for her and a great thing for tenants everywhere. 

Steve B.Natasha V.  Tenants - Capitol Hill

Over the course of the 10 years I have been renting properties, I had little to no hope left when it came to finding a great property in an excellent location with a decent property manager. Nest has unequivocally surpassed even my highest expectations. They're are a pleasure to work with, extremely attentive to their clients' needs (both mine as the tenant, as well as the property onwer's) and they always seem to be one-step ahead of the game.  I know that when I call them with a problem or a question they will respond immediately with a solution or answer. They love what they do and truly want their clients to be happy - a unique experience for me to say the least! 

Janell F.  Tenant - Cleveland Park

Jim and Lisa were the perfect balance of professional and personal. From taking care of concerns quickly and with a smile – to always knowing the name of our dog when they came by to visit.  You couldn’t ask for a better landlord/tenant relationship.

Nick & Maura –Tenant  - U Street Corridor

We hired Nest DC to help us find a rental in Capitol Hill, for our upcoming move from Michigan to DC. I would highly recommend the service, and we had an especially good experience with Laura who handled our file. When we identified a listing we liked, she got all of our documents to the landlord before he showed the place to anyone else or got any applications, and managed to get us the first showing of the day. The landlord told us that he had other people interested in taking the place on the spot, but that Laura's efforts made us the most attractive tenants! True, Nest's services are not cheap (we paid for the $800 package), but it was more than worth it - we saved the cost of flights, hotels, taxis and hassle and stress that would be involved in coming to DC and looking for a place. 

Dan S.  Relocation Client

"This is coming from the tenant side. I live in an apartment that I love on H street NE. Despite loving the place, the management has been a nightmare. Landlord #1 got foreclosed upon, and was a scheming fraud on top of it. Landlord #2 was a bank in TN, needless to say: less than attentive and caring.

Finally, at the end of two years of this, a gift bag showed up on my doorstep introducing Nest as my new project manager. If the bottle of wine (and christmas presents!) weren't enough to win me over (it was), they quickly proved to be the best managers imaginable. Not only are they quick to respond, always available, and willing to assist in whatever problem might arise, but they also have upgraded so many things in our building (including free high efficiency washer/dryer, landscaping, bug treatments, painting, etc). They even replaced my termite damaged hardwood floor!

Moral of the story, they deserve 10 stars. If you are looking for a property manager, look no further. And if you are lucky enough to live in a place they manage, don't ever move!

Sara T.  Tenant - H. Street Corridor