Nest Community Contributions

The modern dweller is part of a community, owners have invested in the community and we intend to serve the community! You should too. Getting connected to your neighborhood isn’t just about having cocktails in Dupont (though it is fabulously fun), it's about giving back!

The Nest DC team works hard to make a critical contribution to the city we call home.  From quarterly food drives, fundraising happy hours, landscape installations at health centers, clothing drives  and year-round commitment to featuring great local non-profits on our facebook page and in our weekly Nestletter, we think our community footprint is pretty unique.  

Giving just feels good! Nest gives 5% of our profits to charity and think if you've got some free time or folding money to spare - giving is the way to go!  Here are some of our favorite local charities. Give some of that free time away! Here are some volunteer gigs you might enjoy:


If you have a favorite local organization and want to partner with Nest DC to build visibility and sustainability for a great cause please let us know!  Just call or email Laura van de Geijn and we'll set up a meeting!